Question for a green roof owner

  No, not that type of green roof.  Do you have this type? We’ve put a green roof on our wish list of items to include in the house design.  It’s ...

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Disappeared into passive home design universe

Who knew there could be so much useful information readily available about passive home design?  The Australian Government website has a treasure trove of tips and tricks that I am ...

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Tesla powerwall unit

Tesla Energy is on the way – hooray!

A flurry of press releases announced the imminent arrival of Tesla Energy in Australia.  So what?  No biggie?  It’s just the most promising thing to happen to battery storage prices ...

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View from north-east corner of the house

Design ideas pinned on the cork board wall

After being informed we had installed a giant cork board on the family room wall, our son asked when we were going to go crazy with the newspaper clippings and ...

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YouTube image

Work in progress on video post

Posting a video on a blog – how hard could it be?  Apparently, a bit harder than it looks. Stay tuned for an entry on our very own YouTube channel. We’d ...

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Home show display booths

Sustainable design tips from the Melbourne Home Show

The recent Melbourne Home Show was an ideal opportunity to find out what builders and suppliers are offering in terms of sustainable design tips.  Libby and I planned a mix of ...

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New kitchen using recycled materials in an innovative way

Funky recycled kitchen arrives

Our amazing funky recycled kitchen was installed by David and his crew while we were out of the house, looking around the HIA Melbourne Home Show. Kitchen before the revamp ...

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Temporary accommodation for the green build

Getting ready to move into temporary accommodation

By this time next week, we’ll have moved into our temporary accommodation.  We are going to live in the existing house while the first of the three green homes is ...

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Indigenous landscape in Melbourne's eastern suburbs

Indigenous gardens – back to basics

A free talk about indigenous gardens given by local experts was a treat too good to resist.  Once again, the City of Whitehorse Sustainable Living Week had delivered a timely service for ...

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House and landscaping design in parallel

Sustainable home and garden design is a win-win

Phillip Johnson must be the Energizer Bunny of sustainable landscape designers.  We were at a City of Whitehorse Sustainable Living Week presentation about sustainable home and garden design.  Phillip had launched into a talk about his landscaping ...

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