Tiny house inspirations for effective use of space

Tiny house uses space effectively

When downsizing, it's worth dipping into the Tiny House philosophy for ideas on how to live with less - less space in a home which means thinking about less things to put into the dwelling.

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Livable Housing Design guidelines

Livable housing design

Designing a sustainable home isn’t limited to ideas like passive heating from the sun, water conservation and reduced  energy use.  Being sustainable also means a dwelling that ages gracefully.  A home ...

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Floor plans nearly finalised

Floor plans almost finalised

“My brain is fried,” announced David after we’d finished several hours of discussion about the floor plans of the three homes. Floor plans almost finalised. Our latest meeting was an ...

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Green home design is coming together

Last week’s meeting with David confirmed that our home design is coming together.  The creative process is working well with ideas bouncing back and forth, each one building upon what ...

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Island idea was a breakthrough

How hard can it be to get the floor plan right?  Harder than we thought when we started on this particular activity. The more brains the better. David had given ...

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