Heating the home with air conditioning

Goldilocks heating method

The more we investigated heating options, the more the experience reminded me of Goldilocks choosing a bowl of porridge.  Which method might be too hot? Which might be too cold?  Which ...

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Lignagroup are the manufactures of LIGNASTONE


Excursion to Lignagroup to find out more about how LIGNASTONE is made and how it can be used in our home design to reduce heating and cooling costs.

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Poster for COP21 in Paris

Paris COP21 and our plans

How does Paris COP21 and our plans fit together? Do our designs stack up with the ideals and intentions announced at the conference? We were interested to compare our plans with what the international community had agreed.

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solar power

Solar power and batteries

Using the ATA Sunulator to decide on the optimum sizing of solar power cells and batteries for our home.

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Sustainable house day inspiration

Each year, the Alternative Technology Association organises a Sustainable House Day which gives people the opportunity to see ideas in action and talk to the residents about their experiences. The night ...

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Double glazing and granite bench-tops

Everyone we spoke to during our double glazing and granite bench-top road trip was welcoming and helpful. David had wisely suggested that the best way to learn more about the ...

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Fridge and freezer choice

“Are you sure about keeping the fridge and freezer?” was a question that kept popping up whenever we discussed the kitchen layout. The fridge and freezer choice – one or two ...

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Tesla powerwall unit

Tesla Energy is on the way – hooray!

A flurry of press releases announced the imminent arrival of Tesla Energy in Australia.  So what?  No biggie?  It’s just the most promising thing to happen to battery storage prices ...

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Home show display booths

Sustainable design tips from the Melbourne Home Show

The recent Melbourne Home Show was an ideal opportunity to find out what builders and suppliers are offering in terms of sustainable design tips.  Libby and I planned a mix of ...

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Solar panel to battery to light to enable offgrid

Going all out for an off-grid home in the ‘burbs

Nothing beats a challenging issue for encouraging creative solutions.  Aiming to live in an off-grid home with regards to electricity is a stretch goal that we set because anything else seems so ...

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