View from north-east corner of the house

Design ideas pinned on the cork board wall

After being informed we had installed a giant cork board on the family room wall, our son asked when we were going to go crazy with the newspaper clippings and ...

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Home show display booths

Sustainable design tips from the Melbourne Home Show

The recent Melbourne Home Show was an ideal opportunity to find out what builders and suppliers are offering in terms of sustainable design tips.  Libby and I planned a mix of ...

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New kitchen using recycled materials in an innovative way

Funky recycled kitchen arrives

Our amazing funky recycled kitchen was installed by David and his crew while we were out of the house, looking around the HIA Melbourne Home Show. Kitchen before the revamp ...

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House and landscaping design in parallel

Sustainable home and garden design is a win-win

Phillip Johnson must be the Energizer Bunny of sustainable landscape designers.  We were at a City of Whitehorse Sustainable Living Week presentation about sustainable home and garden design.  Phillip had launched into a talk about his landscaping ...

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Solar panel to battery to light to enable offgrid

Going all out for an off-grid home in the ‘burbs

Nothing beats a challenging issue for encouraging creative solutions.  Aiming to live in an off-grid home with regards to electricity is a stretch goal that we set because anything else seems so ...

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Picture this – ideas taking shape

Meetings with David are always exciting and informative.  This was no exception.   After brain storming a variety of floor plans, David had a concept that he felt was ready to ...

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Backyard picnic to review design concepts

Sitting on the patch of ground that is quite likely to be our new living room was an ideal way to discuss options for the green home design.  The three ...

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making a wish and then blowing on a dandelion

For our new sustainable home, I wish …

What did we think should go into a sustainable home design?  Dreams about building something ‘different’ often seem to start with a wish list of ideas, culled from many and ...

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home made from natural materials

Influenced by Blue Sky Architecture

Christmas was coming and I desperately needed inspiration for Libby’s gift.  Given that we were embarking on our green home adventure, what could I get her that would be appropriate ...

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