ATA sustainable house day advertising

Sustainable house day inspirations

September is an important month for us but not for any garden-variety event such as the AFL Grand Final.  No, it’s when the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) organises sustainable house ...

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Important idea to share with others

An important idea or two to share

Every now and then, something happens that makes you pause and think about what’s been going on.  In our case, the thing that made us go, “Mmm,” was being asked ...

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Green home website search

Green home search results

With the increasing awareness of sustainable design features in new homes, you'd think it would be easy to use real estate websites to search for properties according to their green credentials. Not at the moment according to a quick review we've done of the Melbourne market.

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Sustainability scorecard summary for our design

Sustainability scorecard results

Designing a sustainable home from first principles means combining lots of ideas into something that is so much different to a standard design.  Does the overall design make sense?  Is ...

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Cladding defines the home's exterior

Cladding choices

Selecting suitable claddings for the finished homes is an important step. We will be using a combination of four materials chosen for their looks and sustainability.

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Livable Housing Design guidelines

Livable housing design

Designing a sustainable home isn’t limited to ideas like passive heating from the sun, water conservation and reduced  energy use.  Being sustainable also means a dwelling that ages gracefully.  A home ...

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Using sustainable builders to build better houses

Other sustainable builders

Listening to other sustainable builders talk about their designs confirmed our belief that we are on the right track with our plans. These builders are using similar design principles. Like our team, everyone involved speaks passionately about what they are aiming to achieve with a new style of housing.

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Live at the Cape

Live at the Cape

Taking the opportunity to visit the Cape sustainable development at Cape Paterson highlighted we were aiming to meet similar objectives - good looking homes that were designed according to sustainability principles, along with a desire to encourage a sense of community amongst the future residents.

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Sustainable house day inspiration

Each year, the Alternative Technology Association organises a Sustainable House Day which gives people the opportunity to see ideas in action and talk to the residents about their experiences. The night ...

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Green home design is coming together

Last week’s meeting with David confirmed that our home design is coming together.  The creative process is working well with ideas bouncing back and forth, each one building upon what ...

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