ATA sustainable house day advertising

Sustainable house day inspirations

September is an important month for us but not for any garden-variety event such as the AFL Grand Final.  No, it’s when the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) organises sustainable house ...

Green home website search

Green home search results

With the increasing awareness of sustainable design features in new homes, you'd think it would be easy to use real estate websites to search for properties according to their green credentials. Not at the moment according to a quick review we've done of the Melbourne market.

Public review starts with a yellow sign

Public review begins

Nearly two years ago, Libby stood out the front of our property, heart pumping, making the final successful bid at the auction. Today we have reached an important milestone in our ...

Using sustainable builders to build better houses

Other sustainable builders

Listening to other sustainable builders talk about their designs confirmed our belief that we are on the right track with our plans. These builders are using similar design principles. Like our team, everyone involved speaks passionately about what they are aiming to achieve with a new style of housing.

Live at the Cape

Live at the Cape

Taking the opportunity to visit the Cape sustainable development at Cape Paterson highlighted we were aiming to meet similar objectives - good looking homes that were designed according to sustainability principles, along with a desire to encourage a sense of community amongst the future residents.

Practically Green Festival

With the sun shining on a warm Spring morning, it was the perfect time to drive up to the Nillumbik Shire Practically Green Festival.  We wanted to spend a bit of ...

Fence removal brought neighbours together

Demolishing the fence between our property and the set of 4 units next door turned out to be an ideal way of meeting our neighbours. After moving in, we discovered ...

Building in a sense of community

Where did the idea come from? Creating a sense of community in a housing development encourages people to want to live there.  This was a theme that Kevin McCloud talked ...

One for us, two for others

After confirming that the property can fit three homes + gardens, we mapped out a plan for how they will be allocated. Building the first home The first home, located at ...

Welcome to our brand new website!

Welcome to our personal website! We will be updating the site shortly with information about our exciting new project!  

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