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One for us, two for others

After confirming that the property can fit three homes + gardens, we mapped out a plan for how they will be allocated.

Building the first home

The first home, located at the back, will be for us to live in.  During the time required for design, council permits and construction, we’re going to be living on the block in the existing house which we affectionately call The Dump.  Once the first new home is finished, we’ll move “out the back” and clear the way for the next phase.

Building two more homes

After recycling/reusing as much as possible of the old home, the way will be clear for constructing two more homes.  When finished, we will be going to the market.  We’re thinking about renting a pair of sustainable homes.  We’re aiming to attract renters in a similar position to us – looking to downsize to single storey, low maintenance homes.  Some may be attracted by the sustainable living principles integral to the design.  Others could just be interested in living in well-built, attractive homes that happen to have surprisingly low heating & cooling costs.  Whatever the reason, we want to create homes that people are keen to live in.


  • mary catus-wood

    January 20, 01 2015 08:48:39

    Hi Howard – Yay – this is looking really good. I like your design principles and look forward to reading about what comes next. Am quite familiar with the area and would enjoy a serious talk about being in one of the ‘two for others!’

    • Libby & Howard

      January 21, 01 2015 08:26:31

      Hello Mary – Glad to hear that our design principles align with your views on the way forward. We’ll definitely be keeping everyone up to date with developments via the blog so you will be able to monitor the design & construction. Let’s have that serious talk once things have moved to a stage where we have something specific to discuss. As a person who has an interest in the ‘two for others’, feel free to pass along design suggestions and ideas/wish list for inclusions.

  • Gillian Cohen

    January 24, 01 2015 09:22:08

    Libby and Howard – The concept is inspirational. Good luck with this wonderful project. So looking forward to watching it all happen.

  • Jessica Elston

    January 25, 01 2015 07:37:51

    I’m looking forward to bringing Longfellow over to frolick around The Dump!

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