Floors and walls in second home

Finishing the walls and floors in our second home made a significant difference to the internal appearance. Polishing the reclaimed floorboards and concrete slab brought out the character of both surfaces. Plastering the walls highlighted the distinctive shapes and angles in the rooms.

View of Unit 2 frame from Unit 1 kitchen window

Frame means Unit 2 goes 3D

After a pause to recover from the exertion of pouring the slab, the team moved onto building the frame for Unit 2.  Time to go 3D! Living in Unit 1 ...

Finished shape of the house with the Timbercrete walls in place

Timbercrete walls worth the wait

The old saying “good things are worth waiting for” was stretched to the limit during the construction of the Timbercrete walls. Waiting day after day. Everything seemed to be going ...

Frame ready for the roof installation

Roof makes a difference

A lot has changed at the site since the old house was dismantled. Laying the slab for the foundations allowed work to start on building the house frame. Once the frame was finished, the team installed the roof. The distinctive shape of a sustainable home is now obvious.

Timbercrete blocks stacked awaiting delivery

Timbercrete order ready to go

We rounded a corner of the Ligna Group factory and there it was.  Our order of Timbercrete (Ligna Stone) blocks was sitting on pallets, waiting for delivery.  We could actually ...

Garden shed showcases the building style of the project

Starting with the garden shed

After Planning Permit approval, David was eager to get out of the office and move away from the paperwork.  Constructing something at the site would be a great way to ...

Green roof on suburban house

Green roof on a cool home

As part of Maroondah Council’s activities for Earth Hour, they organised a talk on using vegetation to assist a home’s passive cooling. Libby and I went along and heard how to use ...

Lignagroup are the manufactures of LIGNASTONE


Excursion to Lignagroup to find out more about how LIGNASTONE is made and how it can be used in our home design to reduce heating and cooling costs.