Curved window created with four standard Miglas windows

Miglas for number 3

Miglas supplied the windows and doors for our third home. Aluminium for the external frame ensures ultra low maintenance requirements while the interior wooden frame fits with the natural material theme.

Window frame preparation underway

Preparing window frames

After Aspect Windows delivered the windows and door frames, we swung into action with preparing them for installation. Preparation included filling nail holes, sanding the timber and applying two coats of Organoil.

Double glazed windows help to reduce heating and cooling costs

Double glazed windows ordered

Double glazed windows were a non-negotiable item right from the start.  Expert advice from organisations such as the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) clearly spelled out the insulation advantages.  From a ...

Double glazed windows

3 lessons about double glazed windows

Libby looked up from the pile of drawings on the desk and said, “You should write a post explaining the three things we just learnt about double glazed windows.”  We’d ...

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