Curved window created with four standard Miglas windows
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Miglas for number 3

For the third home, Miglas Windows supplied the double glazed windows and doors.  Their frames are a combination of aluminium (external) and wood (internal). Our thinking is this arrangement gives us minimal maintenance requirements on the outside while staying with the beauty of natural timber on the inside.

Miglas windows and doors arrive.

In November, our Miglas order arrived on site.  The items were carefully unloaded and stored safely inside the structure.  Having the roof in place eliminated concerns about the timber parts of the frames being exposed to the elements before installation.

Miglas windows stored in the framework under the roof
Delivery stacked inside the frame under the roof

Timber framing on the internals is clearly visible.

The large sliding door for the northern wall sat outside under the eave.  A couple of pieces of scrap timber made sure the 311 kg frame wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

Sliding door stored outside under the eave
Large sliding door propped next to its final destination.

Installed Miglas windows.

After the sliding door was flipped around and installed, the aluminium external frame pops into view.  The small window just above the door is one of the four high windows located in strategic positions around the home. Natural air circulation needs windows like this to vent warm air.

Miglas sliding door in place on the northern wall
Large sliding door in position on the northern wall.

This horizontal window on the eastern wall is in the study. Looking through this window while sitting at the desk will give a fine view of shrubs along the fence.

Study window looks out at shrubbery along the fence line
Study window gives views of shrubs along the nearby fence.

To fit a panoramic window into the curved wall of the dining room, David and Miglas used a combination of four standard window frames.  Adding reclaimed timber highlights during the cladding stage will smooth the straight lines at the bottom and top of the frames into a continuous flowing curve.

Curved window created with four standard Miglas windows

Looking along the southern wall highlights the different sizes and shapes of windows.  Each one meets the natural lighting needs of that particular room.

Various sizes and shapes of Miglas windows on the south wall
Mixture of shapes and sizes on the south wall.

Protecting the timber components.

Once the windows and doors were installed, I oiled the interior timber with Quantum Microclear, a bio-based clear urethane.  It’s a non-toxic, low odour alternative to the standard urethane.

OrganOil did a terrific job for the frames on our first two homes. However, I decided not to use it this time because of a potential compatibility issue.  Before assembling the frames, Miglas soaks the wood in Quantum Aquatec for short term protection. I asked the OrganOil supplier if their product would be suitable for the treated wood but they weren’t sure.  It’s safer to use Microclear and remain true to our sustainable product philosophy.

Unique front door for Number 3.

For each home, David creates a unique reclaimed timber front door.  It’s a visual treat for visitors and an artistic statement about what can be done with recycled materials.

As the third, and last, front door for this project, David pulled out all the stops.  From a distance, the door is obviously a mixture of timbers.

Handcrafted reclaimed timber door installed in Miglas frame
This is obviously NOT a standard front door.

A close look at the door reveals the surprise.  Yes, that’s a red gum house stump in there, along with a section of floor bearer.  David’s aim was to include a wide variety of reclaimed timbers to celebrate things recovered from the old home. 

Front door includes a red gum stump from the old house
Is that a polished house stump in your front door?

Cladding is next on the list.

Installing the windows cleared the way for cladding the home.

Stay tuned because the front door design gives a taste of what’s to come. If that’s what David did to the front door, can you imagine what he has in mind for the cladding?


  • Blomfield Jan

    January 12, 01 2020 05:45:07

    Interesting- love the front door👍🤣

    Goodness it won’t be long before you are installed in No 3 yourselves! Oh what a feeling- no more moving!! You must have got decluttering down to a fine art, as with moving👍🤣

    Have you had any interested Buyers for No’s 1&2??

    • Libby & Howard

      January 13, 01 2020 09:26:48

      Hi Jan – lots of interest from the neighborhood about what we’re doing. Had the pleasure of showing quite a few locals through number 1. They’re fascinated with the look and feel of the house. Have a real estate agent testing the waters with buyers leading up to the expected campaign in Mar/Apr.

  • Blomfield Jan

    January 12, 01 2020 05:45:47

    Interesting- love the front door👍🤣

    Goodness it won’t be long before you are installed in No 3 yourselves! Oh what a feeling- no more moving!! You must have got decluttering down to a fine art, as with moving!! 👍🤣🐬🐝🦋🐸

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