Photo by Miglas showing the finished garden landscaping and northern wall of the sustainable home

Landscaping 23B

Two landscaping projects done and one to go.  When we started on the site development, one of our objectives was completing the gardens as soon as possible after house construction.  ...

Kitchen and dining area completed in the third home

23B interior finished

Finishing the 23B interior took longer than expected in a challenging 2020, but it's finished. We've moved into our new home and are delighted to be here. The team certainly used everything they learned from building the others to make this a special home.

Permeable paving and unique carport design on display

Permeable paving and carport

Looking after the nearby canopy tree and doing justice to the front entrance on 23B meant using an unusual carport design and permeable paving.

Curved cladding using Timbercrete bricks on the entrance wall

Curved cladding on # 3

Cladding two curved wall sections completed the cladding on our third home. The high wall at the front entrance is now covered in Timbercrete bricks while the curved dining room window nestles into the embrace of reclaimed timber board and batten cladding.

Curved window created with four standard Miglas windows

Miglas for number 3

Miglas supplied the windows and doors for our third home. Aluminium for the external frame ensures ultra low maintenance requirements while the interior wooden frame fits with the natural material theme.

Dramatic roof line above the frame for the front entrance

Frame built for number 3

Construction of our third home is powering along, even with the attention given to Sustainable House Day for the first and cladding the second. Pouring the concrete slab paved the way for building the frame and installing the roof.

Good progress on Unit 2 with walls wrapped

Progress on three units

While looking around our worksite recently, I took the opportunity to pause and look at the big picture.  We’ve reached that exciting point where something is happening on all three ...