Matthew Mallett Photography image of north wall clad in recycled steel roofing

September comfort and cost report

As the days and nights become warmer, less mechanical heating is required to assist passive solar heating (plus insulation) to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. Increased solar power exports and decreased grid imports reduced the energy bill to 50c per day.

Miglas Windows image of curved window wall for August report

August comfort and cost report

In August, our high performance home maintained a comfortable indoor temperature within the target range of 18 to 21oC. The month’s energy bill was $47 or approximately $1.50 per day, ...

North facing living area windows for July report

July comfort and cost report

Analysing the temperature monitoring and electricity consumption data for July is an opportunity to review the comfort and cost of living in a passive solar, all-electric home.

Electric vehicle parking sign

Electric vehicle summer experience

Committing to electric vehicle only driving was a positive experience. The cars have more than enough range to meet our urban needs, with the MG ZS EV enabling longer distance travel. In summer, trickle charging the EVs with excess solar power minimised the running costs.

Gravity feed rainwater tank on a stand

Gravity feed rainwater system

The gravity feed rainwater system for 23B works but we haven't eliminated the need for a pump. A small, solar powered pump transfers water to the tank to keep it full.

Sunlight coming through the northern windows and hitting the thermal mass.

Winter sunshine benefits

A few cold, but sunny, days allowed our home to show off what it can do with sunlight. Light streaming through the large north facing windows quickly warmed the house in daytime. Solar panels produced more than enough electricity to supply our all-electric home's needs.

Cladding evolution resulted in reclaimed steel roofing used on north wall

Cladding evolution

Building the three homes sequentially gave us the opportunity to make improvements as we went. The cladding evolution is a good example of that process.

Steel cladding contrasts well with timber door and window frames

Cladding materials for number 2

Experience gained from building our first home helped to make some modifications to the cladding specifications for the second one. For example, we replaced Shadowclad with more Klip Lok steel cladding.

Sustainable House Day 2019

After several years of visiting other people’s homes on Sustainable House Day, we’re excited to announce that our first home will be open for visitors on September 15.  Now it’s ...

Thermal mass in living room heated by sunlight

Living with thermal mass

Learning how to help the passive solar design features keep us warm in Winter is a useful exercise. Sunlight is all we need on clear, cold days. When it's cloudy, we use the heat pump to stop the concrete slab thermal mass cooling too much.

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