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Influenced by Blue Sky Architecture

Christmas was coming and I desperately needed inspiration for Libby’s gift.  Given that we were embarking on our green home adventure, what could I get her that would be appropriate and affordable?  Fortunately, I happened to be in the city with some time to spare when I thought that a second hand bookstore could be just what I needed.  My trusty smartphone showed me how to get to City Basement Books and what a treasure house it was.

When I arrived, all I had in mind was a book that contained lots of pictures about houses that might give Libby ideas on what would be suitable for our project.  Diving into the architecture section, I simply scanned the titles, hoping that something would jump out.  After a few minutes, I spotted a likely title – House Design.  This was the book I felt would be just the gift – some explanation but mainly pictures of beautiful homes that aligned with our thoughts of natural building materials and a sense of living within the existing environment.timber building in natural setting

Blue Sky Architecture Helliwell + Smith is the firm that created the homes displayed in this book.  The homes they showcase on their website are eye-catching.  I find myself drawn to the way they create stunning homes that are sensitive to the local environment.  These houses don’t compete with their setting, they just settle in and become part of the landscape.  We have the same goal with our design.

So, how did I go with the Christmas present?  Not a top five finisher, but better received than the ironing board cover that was my ‘utility’ gift.

We get the book out occasionally just to flick through and marvel at what clever people can do with a clear vision.

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