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Question for a green roof owner

Plain green roof


No, not that type of green roof.  Do you have this type?


We’ve put a green roof on our wish list of items to include in the house design.  It’s a great way to reduce heat loss through the roof as well as adding more vegetation to our landscaping plan.  Besides, who wouldn’t want to have a roof that changes its character from season to season?

If you have a green roof, we’re wondering if you can help us with some information.

How does this style of roof affect your ability to harvest rainwater?  Is there a period of time when the roof is settling in so that any water run-off is carrying dirt from the roof?  Does it settle down so that run off is clean enough to use in the laundry?  Perhaps you use a filtering system to give the rainwater coming off a green roof a bit of treatment before it goes into the tank.

Do you have any other advice with regards to a green roof?  Pros and cons?  Always good to hear from someone who has lived with a green roof, rather than rely on information from people who want to install one.

Please let us know if you can help.  We’d like to sort out any issues before we get too far down the track with our design.

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