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Work in progress on video post

Posting a video on a blog – how hard could it be?  Apparently, a bit harder than it looks.

Stay tuned for an entry on our very own YouTube channel.

We’d like to show you the back garden in its current state and give you an idea of where things are going to happen.

Making the video was a family affair with our son Ben operating the smartphone camera.  He suggested using YouTube to host the finished product so that’s what happening now.  Processing is taking a bit longer than expected as the YouTube minions are busily stitching together a couple of short videos that we shot this afternoon.

Will be back online when the finished product is available.

Lots to learn about this technology so we’re hoping this is the first of a series of videos that capture highlights of our green home journey.  Along the way, we’re sure there are going to be significant improvements in video production standards.


The video should now be available on-line.  Hopefully the technology works.

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