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Indigenous plant ideas

While Ian is working on the detailed plans & elevations, Libby and I decided to look for indigenous plant ideas.

It’s important that we know what indigenous plant choices are right for our block.  Who better to ask for advice than the local experts?  We are fortunate to have two specialist nurseries nearby.

Community of Ringwood Indigenous Species Plant nursery.

CRISP nursery in Ringwood


The closest place for indigenous plant ideas is the CRISP nursery.  We spent an enjoyable half hour there looking at the different plants and chatting with the helpful staff.  As a result, we are now paid-up members and entitled to a discount on any future purchases.  I can see a time when that discount will come in very handy.

Indigenous seedlings at the CRISP nursery

Plenty of seedlings on display at the CRISP nursery

More indigenous plant ideas at the Candlebark nursery.

Candlebark nursery offers a range of indigenous plants

Candlebark nursery also offers a wide range of indigenous plants.

Next stop was the Candlebark nursery which was another organisation run by passionate, enthusiastic volunteers.

Here we learned some basic lessons about how to get started with an indigenous garden – start with the bulletproof plants and put them in the ground between May and August.  The aim is to make a solid start with a high chance of early success.  As time goes on, we can get more adventurous in seedling choices as we find out what works and doesn’t work in the garden.

Our Swamp Gum is going to have some good company by the time we’ve finished planting the new garden next year.

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