First impression of changing cladding on facade

First impression counts

After years of talking about living in a home based on sustainable design principles, we are now living the dream. With the first house nearly finished, we took the opportunity to move in and get our first impression of a new lifestyle. Early indications are the design is meeting our expectations.

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Kitchen island bench features messmate timber benchtop

Kitchen joinery arrives

Once the kitchen walls and floor were finished, it was time to install the cupboards and benches. After seeing all the components in place, we believe we met the objective of a functional and attractive kitchen. A few extra features such as a bench top made from reclaimed timber gave the design some sustainability credentials as well.

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Reclaimed timber bathroom vanity

Reclaimed timber shines

Reusing materials is an important part of sustainable design and construction. By using reclaimed wood in unusual and interesting ways, David shows that reuse doesn't limit what can be done. In fact, reusing old timbers in creative ways makes the finished house more attractive.

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Ceiling insulation installation underway

Glasswool insulation installed

Once the house was weatherproof, the focus shifted to interior work. Thoroughly insulating the walls and ceilings is a critical component of passive heating and cooling design. Putting plasterboard on the walls has clearly defined the rooms.

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Finished shape of the house with the Timbercrete walls in place

Timbercrete walls worth the wait

The old saying “good things are worth waiting for” was stretched to the limit during the construction of the Timbercrete walls. Waiting day after day. Everything seemed to be going ...

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Recycled timber cladding blends into Shadowclad

Cladding choices on display

Using a reverse brick veneer design opens up a world of choices in cladding materials.  As Your Home points out, cladding is an important part of a home’s aesthetic appeal, ...

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Frame ready for the roof installation

Roof makes a difference

A lot has changed at the site since the old house was dismantled. Laying the slab for the foundations allowed work to start on building the house frame. Once the frame was finished, the team installed the roof. The distinctive shape of a sustainable home is now obvious.

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Window frame preparation underway

Preparing window frames

After Aspect Windows delivered the windows and door frames, we swung into action with preparing them for installation. Preparation included filling nail holes, sanding the timber and applying two coats of Organoil.

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Double glazed windows help to reduce heating and cooling costs

Double glazed windows ordered

Double glazed windows were a non-negotiable item right from the start.  Expert advice from organisations such as the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) clearly spelled out the insulation advantages.  From a ...

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Reverse cycle air conditioner chosen to meet heating and cooling needs

Reverse cycle air con decisions

In theory, any home with less than a 10 Star NatHERS rating requires some energy input to keep the occupants comfortable.  This can be a significant cost. About 40% of ...

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