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Responding to the surprise

Responding to the surprise about the potential impact of Council drainage works on our project timeline has taken a few days.  It took some time to process the feedback and work out what to do next.

Some good news.

The good news is that the folks in the Engineering Department see our development as an opportunity to come up with a less intrusive way of proceeding with the storm drain upgrade.  David and the Engineers are talking about ways that the two projects can be synchronised.  Easy access to our block during the construction period is a benefit to the Council so it would make sense if we could work together.

Early days, but discussions are under way.  We remain positive as everyone on our team is passionate about achieving the desired outcome – creating beautiful sustainable homes on the block.

The Sustainability group in the Council are also interested in what we are doing.  A revised sustainability plan for our suburb is due to be issued soon so we are hoping this would add to the support for our proposal.

Bitten by a software bug.

Oh, apologies for the lack of any images in this post.  After months of reliable operation, WordPress has decided that it will no longer allow me to upload images.  I’m now knee deep in Google searches, program help lines, forensic software programs and WordPress forums trying to find a solution to the problem.  Why can’t software just keep doing what it has done in the past?

Wish me luck.  Here’s hoping the fix turns out to be quick and easy.

Newsflash – dateline October 7

It was a long and winding road, but we seem to have got there in the end!  A combination of a suggestion on the WordPress forum and those clever people at Crazy Domains (our website hosting service) have sorted out the picture uploading issue.  Apparently, there was a file corruption problem which meant the server wasn’t accepting any new items that I tried to add.

Fingers crossed everything will be stable for a while.  In the meantime, I have learned a lot about how to dig around in the bowels of the directories on the host server.  It’s probably just enough knowledge to make me dangerous when it comes to making changes in that sensitive area.

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  • Gillian Cohen

    October 07, 10 2015 06:04:42

    Now you know how us ordinary mortals feel!!!

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