Make a plan for our house development
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Make a plan

“So, when will we move into the first completed house?” asked Libby.  With our energies going into resolving the storm water drain issue, we hadn’t really thought much about a schedule for the project.  This was an excellent question.  Time to make a plan.

Setting a goal.

Libby knew that the team would respond well to a target completion date so she kindly provided one.  Looking at a calendar, she stabbed her finger on May 2017 and announced, ” I want to be in a new home for my 60th birthday.”

Right, target set and the challenge issued.

Would it be possible to put together a timeline that would meet the challenge?  Much of the uncertainty with our schedule comes from resolving the storm water drainage issue with Council.

David’s recent conversations with the Engineering staff have gone  well.  They are using the information he provides as the basis for discussions with their counterparts in Planning.  After Engineering volunteered to move and straighten the storm water drain easement, David was able to show an increase in private open space for the two front homes.  Planning appreciated the positive response to a concern of theirs.  Signs are good that the initial obstacles are being steadily overcome.  No word yet on the Council budgetary issues, but getting everyone on the same page is a crucial first step in addressing the remaining issues.

In early December, we will have everyone involved in this issue meet at the Council offices to see if there are any outstanding issues which might hold up further progress.

What’s the plan?

This is a rough timeline.  However, as Libby pointed out, if we don’t make a plan, how do we know who’s doing what and when?

So, here goes!

December 2015 – In principle agreement reached with Council about the way the drainage works will be done (ie third easement on our property) such that the flooding issue can be mitigated which will allow Planning to issue a permit for our project to go ahead.

January 2016 – recycled timber (tram depot floorboards) delivered and safely stored in the garage.  This beautiful wood is currently stored at a property near Kinglake.  Our supplier, Mark from Recycled Timber Specialists, is rightly worried about the bushfire danger.  He lost most of his stock during the Black Saturday fires in 2009.

February 2016 – Submit Planning Permit application.

April 2016 – We move out of the house so that it can be “de-constructed”.  Rather than bash it down and truck out the wreckage, the plan is to use whatever we can for our project, recycle other materials and minimise the amount sent to landfill.  With us moving out of the house to a nearby rental property (yet to be identified), it means Libby will have met one of her prime objectives for this project.  She won’t have to spend another cold winter in this house.

May 2016 – Build a shed at the back of the property as the first part of the housing development.  Most of the construction materials will come from items recovered from the house.  The shed becomes a useful storage space for home #3.

June 2016 – Council arrives to do their thing, with just a garage and a shed on site.  Essentially, they will have free reign to carry out the drainage upgrade.  I’ll certainly be paying a visit if I can – love to see them installing a 1.5m pipe.

July 2016 – Our work commences!  We begin to build the first home.

April 2017 – First home finished.

May 2017 – We move into the completed home.  Construction begins on the other two homes.

And that’s the plan.


  • Caroline

    November 29, 11 2015 04:35:50

    Aim for Christmas 2016 – then you *may* be in by Christmas 2017 🙂 We can always bring director’s chairs & celebrate your 60th in the ‘shell’, Libby!

  • Gillian Cohen

    November 30, 11 2015 08:43:56

    Progress continues apace. Nothing like a plan. Looking forward to the birthday party in May!

  • Gillian Cohen

    November 30, 11 2015 08:44:02

    Progress continues apace. Nothing like a plan. Looking forward to the birthday party in May!

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