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Regularly checking a website on the off-chance there’s something new to read can be annoying.  To reduce the stress factor, we’ve set up a system that sends an email for each new post on the blog.  It may not be as fancy as Facebook notifications, but serves the same purpose.

Join our email notification list.

You should see a pop-up containing an invitation to add your email address to our list of registered users.

Once you are on the list, you can sit back and relax.  Each time a new post is uploaded, you’ll receive an email to say that it’s time to visit the site and read about the latest developments.

If you’ve missed the invitation and would like to be on the list of registered readers, you can always drop a comment into one of the blog posts asking to be added.  Won’t be any trouble at all to then put your email on the list.

David due to return from holidays.

So what’s been happening lately?

David is due to return from his overseas holiday next week.  He’s been in Europe taking a well-earned rest as well as taking the opportunity to scout for ideas that he can use in the design for our houses.  Countries like Germany are well ahead of Australia in passive design and renewable energy sources.  From what we’ve heard, he’s discovered quite a few inspirations.  We’re looking forward to hearing about what he is intending to put into the existing designs.

Our draughtsman (Ian) and arborist (Jacob) have been chatting about the tree protection zones for the mature trees we would like to keep.  One tree in particular is causing some angst, based on where it is and where we’d like to site a home.  More details about what’s going on at a later date.



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  • Caroline

    August 30, 08 2015 05:41:03

    My bestie from boarding school lives in the historic London suburb of Blackheath, just over the hill from Greenwich (as in Meantime). She & her husband bought a ghastly 50s house on a corner plot 8 or so years ago, & have since demolished/commissioned a Huf Haus, based on a pre-fabricated design personally selected in Germany. As viewers of similar installations on the UK TV program ‘Grand Designs’ would know, such projects are problematic, given English tradespeople are not ‘best practice’ compared to German design/project mgt standards, and there were some major issues… but 3 years later, they had a wonderful family home with excellent Green values! I especially love the chain hanging from 1st floor guttering which drains water through a bed of natural stones into an underground tank for recycling… so attractive & so functional!
    For more info on Huf Haus & energy conservation see: http://www.huf-haus.com/en/the-huf-house/greenrevolution.html

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