Starting point

Here it is!  This block met all the requirements for our green home development AND was within budget.  Libby was quite stunned when the auctioneer indicated that everyone else had dropped out of the bidding and she was the buyer.  I was away at a school camp (RACV Energy Breakthrough) and had to be reminded over the phone exactly what it was that Libby had just bought.

As you can see, it is a large block of land, nearly 1400 m² in size,  running north/south.  There are two easements running through the property which may have put other potential buyers off.  However, we see the opportunity to be creative with how the block is divided for three units + gardens.

The garden contains a variety of mature shade trees and fruit trees which provide a starting point for the landscaping plan.

Ringwood East train station is within walking distance, as well as two sets of shops.  Libby reported that at least one of the local coffee shops is a keeper.  However, others probably need to work on extending their opening hours to include Saturday afternoon and, dare I say it, Sunday.

It’s a thrill to have completed that essential first step of the project.  All three of us are eager to get on with the next stage – creating the design.