Comparing indoor and outdoor temperatures for a passive solar home in Melbourne during Summer

Passive solar house performance

Having our air conditioner out of service at the start of Summer was an opportunity to demonstrate how a passive solar home in Melbourne doesn't rely on mechanical cooling to keep the occupants comfortable.

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Outdoor and indoor temperature graph

Testing outdoor versus indoor temperature

While the indoor temperature felt comfortable during hot summer days, I was left with the nagging feeling that wishful thinking was keeping me cool. Passive solar design should minimise the need for mechanical cooling for everything but a run of very hot days. Temperature monitoring data confirmed this is the case for our design.

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Hopper windows assist with natural air circulation

Gentle art of natural air circulation

Imagine it’s the end of a baking hot summer’s day, perhaps one of those 45 degree plus crackers.  The home’s insulation, thermal mass and shade did a fantastic job keeping ...

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