Getting the facts about tree roots with a trench

Facts about the trees

Finding out exactly where the roots from the trees next door come into our property should be helpful in reducing our neighbour's concerns about future excavations damaging these canopy trees.

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Possible trip to VCAT offices

What does going to VCAT mean?

I didn’t believe Libby was serious when she said it.  I remember thinking, “I heard that wrong.”  When I asked her to repeat the sentence, it was identical.  She replied, ...

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Permit decision made by Council

Planning permit decision

Libby had her psychic antenna up and running the other day.  She felt the need to call David and ask him if he’d  heard anything from the Council  about our planning ...

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Council response is consistent with 2040 plans

Response from Council

“Relax,” said David when Libby mentioned she hadn’t seen any change to the status of our planning permit application on the Maroondah Council’s website. She thought a response should have ...

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Planning permit application submitted

Planning permit application

Submitting the planning permit application was a significant milestone in our project development. Now we await feedback comments from the various Council reviewers.

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Schedule for our project

Schedule becoming clearer

A letter from the Council has arrived. It sheds light on how we can move forward with our housing development in concert with the drainage works that Council would like to do on our block.

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Discussion with Engineering

Discussion with Engineering

A meeting with Council Engineering was another positive experience. They are enthusiastic about going ahead with the modified storm drainage project based on a third easement on our property. If we formally agree to this arrangement, it is possible the work could be completed within a 6 month time frame.

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Make a plan for our house development

Make a plan

With a positive response from Council, it's time to create a plan showing the major activities and when we would like to have those activities completed.

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Practically Green Festival

With the sun shining on a warm Spring morning, it was the perfect time to drive up to the Nillumbik Shire Practically Green Festival.  We wanted to spend a bit of ...

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First meeting with Council

We felt a bit nervous going into our first meeting with Council to talk about the storm water drainage issue and its potential impact on our project.  After David’s initial ...

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