Reviewing the cost estimate to decide if sustainable features need to be trimmed

Cost estimate versus design features

After spending so long developing a design based on many sustainability features, receiving the cost estimate focused our attention on the project budget. Some trimming was needed to produce an affordable design that didn't sacrifice the original aim of building a state of the art green home.

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Tiny house inspirations for effective use of space

Tiny house uses space effectively

When downsizing, it's worth dipping into the Tiny House philosophy for ideas on how to live with less - less space in a home which means thinking about less things to put into the dwelling.

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Choosing the right insulation to reduce heat loss

Insulation choices

After sorting out the cladding options for our homes, we started to think about insulation.  What material should we choose to do the hard yakka of reducing heat flow through the ...

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Cladding defines the home's exterior

Cladding choices

Selecting suitable claddings for the finished homes is an important step. We will be using a combination of four materials chosen for their looks and sustainability.

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Using sustainability assessment tools to rate house performance

Sustainability assessment

As the planning permit documentation comes together, our thoughts turned to how best to share the sustainable design features with the Council personnel who will review the paperwork.  Not really ...

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Home show 2016

Visiting the Melbourne Home Show is another way to gather ideas and opinions about what sustainability features we should include in our design.

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Using sustainable builders to build better houses

Other sustainable builders

Listening to other sustainable builders talk about their designs confirmed our belief that we are on the right track with our plans. These builders are using similar design principles. Like our team, everyone involved speaks passionately about what they are aiming to achieve with a new style of housing.

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Floor plans nearly finalised

Floor plans almost finalised

“My brain is fried,” announced David after we’d finished several hours of discussion about the floor plans of the three homes. Floor plans almost finalised. Our latest meeting was an ...

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Spanner in the works

You know that bit in Grand Designs when Kevin McCloud turns to the camera and says, “Building a house doesn’t always go smoothly as we are about to find out ...

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From design ideas to details

David returned from his overseas holiday rested and recharged, keen to take the project from design ideas to details as quickly as we can.  From each place he visited, David took ...

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