Livable Housing Design guidelines

Livable housing design

Designing a sustainable home isn’t limited to ideas like passive heating from the sun, water conservation and reduced  energy use.  Being sustainable also means a dwelling that ages gracefully.  A home ...

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Fridge and freezer choice

“Are you sure about keeping the fridge and freezer?” was a question that kept popping up whenever we discussed the kitchen layout. The fridge and freezer choice – one or two ...

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renovated house with garden

One step closer with a successful auction

“Sold!” yelled the auctioneer and that closed the chapter on 14 years in this house. It all seemed so logical that we should sell this house as soon as we could. ...

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Backyard picnic to review design concepts

Sitting on the patch of ground that is quite likely to be our new living room was an ideal way to discuss options for the green home design.  The three ...

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