Winner of three Sustainability Awards

Sustainability Award winner

Being nominated for three Sustainability Awards was awesome recognition for our project. Winning all three categories showed how well the project was regarded amongst the architecture community.

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Sustainability Awards logo

Sustainability Awards finalist

Having all three submissions to the 2021 Sustainability Awards added to the list of finalists is a stunning result. This is special recognition for everyone involved in what has been an epic journey from concept to completion.

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Thermal mass in living room heated by sunlight

ARENA video showcases our home

Hey, our development features in a video made by ARENA! They're using it to promote the environmental and financial benefits of including sustainability principles in the design and construction new houses.

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Sustainable House Day 2019

After several years of visiting other people’s homes on Sustainable House Day, we’re excited to announce that our first home will be open for visitors on September 15.  Now it’s ...

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Exposed slab edge on concrete foundation

Insulating concrete slab edge

Insulating the concrete slab edge reduces the heat lost from the thermal mass during winter. There are a variety of ways to install the insulation along with the termite barrier. After considering the likely cost/benefit, our design uses a garden bed to cover exposed concrete edges.

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First impression of changing cladding on facade

First impression counts

After years of talking about living in a home based on sustainable design principles, we are now living the dream. With the first house nearly finished, we took the opportunity to move in and get our first impression of a new lifestyle. Early indications are the design is meeting our expectations.

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Frame ready for the roof installation

Roof makes a difference

A lot has changed at the site since the old house was dismantled. Laying the slab for the foundations allowed work to start on building the house frame. Once the frame was finished, the team installed the roof. The distinctive shape of a sustainable home is now obvious.

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Double glazed windows help to reduce heating and cooling costs

Double glazed windows ordered

Double glazed windows were a non-negotiable item right from the start.  Expert advice from organisations such as the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) clearly spelled out the insulation advantages.  From a ...

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Timbercrete blocks stacked awaiting delivery

Timbercrete order ready to go

We rounded a corner of the Ligna Group factory and there it was.  Our order of Timbercrete (Ligna Stone) blocks was sitting on pallets, waiting for delivery.  We could actually ...

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Liveability and the 17 features which contribute to sustainable design

Liveability Real Estate is something new

The Centre for Liveability Real Estate wants to promote better house design by translating sustainable design principles into an easily understood list of liveability features which appeal to potential buyers.

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