Photo by Miglas showing the finished garden landscaping and northern wall of the sustainable home

Landscaping 23B

Two landscaping projects done and one to go.  When we started on the site development, one of our objectives was completing the gardens as soon as possible after house construction.  ...

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Landscaping back garden for 23A

Landscaping 23A

Finishing construction of our second home was the signal to start landscaping the front entrance and back garden with a variety of indigenous plants.

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Finished backyard landscaping with the fence panel feature

Backyard blitz for number 1

Landscaping the backyard of our first home with a simple, but effective, design turned the area into an inviting space.

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Finished landscaping of Unit 1 front garden

Landscaping makes a difference

After the hot weather and other project priorities conspiring against us, it was a pleasure to finally start on landscaping the front garden of Unit 1. There are three main elements to the garden - crazy paving slate steps, a found object sculpture within a ring of railway sleepers and an indigenous bushland theme.

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Indigenous plants growing along the back fence

Indigenous today, native tomorrow

Back in May, we shared the news about planting indigenous seedlings along the back fence. At the time, a reader responded with an astute observation.  These plants might not be ...

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Landscaping about to start near the back fence

Landscaping begins

Since the land near the back fence won't be disturbed too much during the house construction, we took the opportunity to start on the landscaping of this area. Putting in a variety of trees & shrubs gives them a head start on the rest of the garden.

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Furze Hakea

Indigenous landscaping plans

With the layout of the homes on the block nearing completion, we can turn our attention to the garden. The objective is to create an informal garden based on indigenous plants. Using indigenous plants benefits native animals as well as providing a low maintenance garden for the residents.

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Ash tree removal starting point

Tree removal

After much discussion, we decided to remove the mature Ash from the north eastern corner of our property. It was infested with ivy and would cast long shadows over the third unit during winter. Removing a tree this size was quite an event. Later this year, several native canopy trees will be planted as replacements.

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War on weeds starts here

Weed war

The weed war began with a nudge from serendipity.  I had been thinking about attacking the weeds that were gradually taking over the bare patch near the back fence.  However, a series of fortunate events ...

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Indigenous garden ideas

Latest news on discussions with Council. Wheels are turning in the background with regards to the clarifying the link between our planning permit and Engineering’s idea to run a third easement ...

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