Reclaimed timber bathroom vanity

Reclaimed timber shines

Reusing materials is an important part of sustainable design and construction. By using reclaimed wood in unusual and interesting ways, David shows that reuse doesn't limit what can be done. In fact, reusing old timbers in creative ways makes the finished house more attractive.

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Window frame preparation underway

Preparing window frames

After Aspect Windows delivered the windows and door frames, we swung into action with preparing them for installation. Preparation included filling nail holes, sanding the timber and applying two coats of Organoil.

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Lignagroup are the manufactures of LIGNASTONE


Excursion to Lignagroup to find out more about how LIGNASTONE is made and how it can be used in our home design to reduce heating and cooling costs.

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Double glazing and granite bench-tops

Everyone we spoke to during our double glazing and granite bench-top road trip was welcoming and helpful. David had wisely suggested that the best way to learn more about the ...

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