Winter solar operation of solar power and battery

Winter solar and battery experience

After the first winter in our all-electric home, it’s time to look back over the numbers and tease out useful lessons.  What worked well and contributed to our objective of ...

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Solar panels installed on the north and south facing roofs

Solar panels installed and operating

The day we switched on the solar power system was the culmination of a long design and installation process. Clever solar panels maximise electricity production while the inverter/battery keeps the lights on at night. The aim is to minimise importing grid electricity but export as much solar power as we can.

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Charger and inverter are the heart of an offgrid power system

Offgrid power system is back

During Unit 1 construction, the team showed that an offgrid power system could meet the electrical requirements for all but the most demanding users. Based on that experience, the system was reassembled to power Unit 2 and 3 construction.

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Using an off-grid system for a solar powered worksite

Solar powered worksite

There is something fascinating about construction sites.  People walking along the footpath stop and watch what our builders are doing.  Perhaps the sound of power tools catches their attention and ...

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Hitting the target NatHERS Star rating range

Target for NatHERS Star rating

Achieving a NatHERS Star rating of 8.2 Stars means our home will be comfortable to live in without the need for excessive amounts of energy for heating and cooling. Studies of similar designs show the additional cost to install the necessary sustainability features are financially justified.

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House with solar panels

Go big for home solar array

There is still plenty to think about while we wait for our neighbours to respond to the latest communication about the trees on our boundary.  Reading a few articles encouraged ...

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House with solar panels

Solar plus batteries gaining momentum

Installing solar cells and then fitting a battery storage system might be worth a few greenie points, but is the extra cost justified on a purely economic analysis? Not yet maybe, but current trends indicate that time isn't too far in the future.

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solar power

Solar power and batteries

Using the ATA Sunulator to decide on the optimum sizing of solar power cells and batteries for our home.

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