Dismantling underway

Dismantling finished

We decided to dismantle the old house to recover the large amount of timber that could be re-used in the new homes. It was a big job but David finished in time for the Council to complete most of their drainage upgrade project before Christmas holidays.

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Landscaping about to start near the back fence

Landscaping begins

Since the land near the back fence won't be disturbed too much during the house construction, we took the opportunity to start on the landscaping of this area. Putting in a variety of trees & shrubs gives them a head start on the rest of the garden.

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Ash tree removal starting point

Tree removal

After much discussion, we decided to remove the mature Ash from the north eastern corner of our property. It was infested with ivy and would cast long shadows over the third unit during winter. Removing a tree this size was quite an event. Later this year, several native canopy trees will be planted as replacements.

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