Gravity feed rainwater tank on a stand

Gravity feed rainwater system

The gravity feed rainwater system for 23B works but we haven't eliminated the need for a pump. A small, solar powered pump transfers water to the tank to keep it full.

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Furze Hakea

Indigenous landscaping plans

With the layout of the homes on the block nearing completion, we can turn our attention to the garden. The objective is to create an informal garden based on indigenous plants. Using indigenous plants benefits native animals as well as providing a low maintenance garden for the residents.

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War on weeds starts here

Weed war

The weed war began with a nudge from serendipity.  I had been thinking about attacking the weeds that were gradually taking over the bare patch near the back fence.  However, a series of fortunate events ...

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Indigenous garden ideas

Latest news on discussions with Council. Wheels are turning in the background with regards to the clarifying the link between our planning permit and Engineering’s idea to run a third easement ...

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Sustainable house day inspiration

Each year, the Alternative Technology Association organises a Sustainable House Day which gives people the opportunity to see ideas in action and talk to the residents about their experiences. The night ...

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pond with water lillies

Going with the flow in rainwater management

While David was thinking about using water storage to create an mini-urban wetland, I was being inspired by the sight of a frog in our backyard.  This was either an ...

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